Online QB Academy

We are proud to present the most comprehensive online QB development tool available……6Points University!

6PointsU is an online portal full of everything that a QB needs to develop both on and off the field. Our online portal will have it all and our QB’s will have access to some of the brightest minds in the game of football through 6PointsU!

What you will find inside of 6Points U:

Interviews with the top coaches in both High School and College Football. These interviews will cover things from what is expected from a QB to some of the things taught by these high level coaches.

Interviews and Q&A’s with some of the top collegiate and NFL QB’s in the game today. Some of these will be streamed live so that our QB’s will have the chance to ask questions.

Leadership training – Video’s from Denny Thompson, other 6Points coaches and people in leadership positions from different industries will pour into what being a leader looks like.

Don’t Flinch curriculum – Challenges that will push QB’s from every level to get uncomfortable and push themselves to be the best they can be.

X’s and O’s – Videos (and printouts) that will teach our QB’s strategy from both sides of the ball. There will be content, as well as live webinars to teach our QB’s the position at a level that most don’t get. Defensive fronts, blitzes, coverages as well as offensive strategy (protections and strategy) will be covered.

Mechanics and drills – Videos of proper mechanics and drills that can be done will be posted along with instruction and application for each drill.

New sections (rooms) will be added to continue to grow the scope of 6PointsU as needed.

The price for this resource is $59/month and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.