Private Training

We do private training much differently than most. A lot of research has gone into our private training model throughout the years and has resulted in the most comprehensive program for QB development around. The focus of our private sessions is to push and find new standards each session as well as to drill down to the best possible mechanics. 6Points QB’s learn the “why” behind everything that is taught in these private sessions and see improvement after each session. We look at the private sessions as QB development and not just QB training. In most cases our private training workouts are comprised of 4 QB’s with 1 coach and last for 2 hours. We have found that having 4 guys training together translates to better understanding and about 35% more throws. Some sessions focus on the mental side of playing QB, and some focus on the physical.

Each QB should come to the session ready to work! This isn’t a session that is filled with stationary throwing of a football, you can do that at home. This is 120 minutes of learning and getting after it. Most sessions will have many of the reps captured on video. This video is used for instruction as well as promotion of the QB when deemed helpful

QB’s should come prepared with their own ball, cleats and a receiver from their school if possible.


Price: $160/2 hour session