Don’t Flinch

Don’t Flinch has been my personal motto for years and it quickly became the motto for our QB’s. Don’t Flinch has very little to do with football or the physical action of flinching. I started using this personal motto in 2015 when life was not good for me and my family. At the time, my marriage was nearly over, my wife was going through cancer treatments, I weighed over 270lbs and was not in a good place personally. Don’t Flinch is a lifestyle that I have lived since that time.

Everyone struggles at times and everyone has moments of weakness. Our lives are often defined by what we do in difficult times and either living with the rewards of those actions or living with the consequences. There are so many distractions/temptations these days that can derail someone or even destroy you that you have to be disciplined. The first sign of giving into a temptation is flinching.

As parents we spend our lives trying to prepare our kids so that they don’t make the same mistakes that we’ve made in our lifetimes. I am very open to our 6Points family about the mistakes that I have made and I pour into them the lessons learned so that they don’t have to experience the same pain.

Don’t Flinch can embody so many different areas of our lives, here are some examples.

As a leader, we not only have to set the tone with our teammates but we have to do it with an energy that brings everyone else up. When we don’t feel like leading in the classroom or in the weight room we have to train ourselves to attack those days harder than others. When you have the temptation to not go hard or not even show up…..Don’t Flinch and go harder than ever. If you spend the time telling yourself all the reasons you don’t want to get right to that work, that is flinching and is not worthy of high level leadership.

Flinching has landed many people in a lot of trouble. When offered to do something that you know is wrong or outside of your morals, a flinch can be the start of the end. For example, if someone offer you drugs and you say “Not this time”…that is a flinch. The correct answer is “No, I don’t do that and please don’t ever ask me again”. The difference in those two answers is huge. One lays the foundation for being tempted again , the other leaves no doubt that you will not be bothered with that question ever again.

Those are just 2 examples of many that we encounter each and every day! Throughout our time together, we will discuss many examples and my goal is to have an entire roster full of leaders who recognize opportunities to utilize the Don’t Flinch lifestyle for the rest of their lives. I want to build the type of leaders that spend their lives being the best at everything they do, whether that is on a football field, in a classroom, as a son, as a husband or as an employee or boss.

Don’t Flinch,
Denny Thompson