6 Points Philosophy

Our philosophy and approach to training QBs is the foundation of our program. These skills can be learned through the following areas.

We teach a “ground up” approach to throwing the football and playing the QB position.  Every quarterback that we train will learn the proper way to throw and get the most out of their abilities.  6Points is in normal contact with other trainers throughout the country as well as doctors that specialize in arm health, to make sure that our guys are getting taught the most affective and safest ways to throw a football.

Football IQ is a must for the QB position and we want our guys to be the most prepared guys for what they will see throughout their football seasons.  We spend a lot of time talking through concepts, schemes and defenses with our quarterbacks to insure that the things they are learning is put to good use.

If you are going to train with 6Points, you better get used to being uncomfortable.  Trainers fail miserably in this area but this is a major focus for us.  During our sessions, we always see QB’s coaching each other up and helping each other understand the drill or concept that we are going through.  Coaches have said that this is the most valuable aspect of our training is that their QB’s come back a better leader.

One of the main issues with going to a private QB coach is that they are not plugged into what the QB actually does on the field.  Too many quarterbacks that have private coaches become “camp QB’s” and just look pretty throwing the football.  Our focus is clear……we develop QB’s that will perform at whatever level they are at.  In other words, our training translates to real game results.  We train with a different level of intensity and competition than most and it shows with our results.  6Points biggest referral source is actual coaches because they know they will get a more rounded QB who is prepared to get results.

This is our favorite part of 6Points.  Because of our numbers and the quality of our quarterbacks, 6Points guys compete against each other nearly every week with their schools at every level.  Training together so much has developed a tight knit group of guys that can lean on each other throughout the year.  We are proud of our guys and our guys are proud of the work that they put in with other QB’s throughout the region.  The talent on display at each of our sessions is top notch and it helps to elevate everyone’s game, including the coaches.